The Brewery is Back Online and Brewing Chaos!

June 28, 2023by Tony Taylor2
Ready to serve

Hey there, beer lovers! Guess who’s back? That’s right, your favorite local home brewery is up and running again, and we couldn’t be more excited! After what felt like an eternity, our fermenters are bubbling, our taps are flowing, and the beer gods have bestowed upon us their frothy blessings once again. So, gather ’round and let us regale you with tales of our triumphant return to the world of brewing. Brace yourselves for some hilarious mishaps, peppery explosions, and a dash of haphazard ingenuity!

Our grand retooling began with a bang (or should we say, a pop!). As we dusted off our brewing kettles and cranked up the heat, we decided to celebrate our revival with a fiery concoction that would leave taste buds tingling and eyebrows raised. Enter the F-Bomb Pepper Popper! This rebellious cream ale infused with jalapenos packs a punch that’ll make even the spiciest hot sauce sweat. We wanted to make a statement, and boy, did we succeed!

golden nectar - MyBeer Company - Thanks, Chuck
Running the golden nectar

Then this past weekend, when mill troubles struck, Frankenboltzzzz came to the Rescue! Our trusty mill, a key cog in our beer-making machine, decided to go on an unexpected vacation. Panic set in, but in the spirit of never surrendering to obstacles, we embarked on a mad dash to Frankenboltzzzz – a great brewery on the other side of town. Let’s just say their brews are like something out of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. Among the cobwebs and eccentric contraptions, we stumbled upon a mill that seemed to have been crafted by a mad scientist himself…well, not really but that sounded cool.

With Frankenboltzzzz‘s dubious mill, we forged ahead, determined to keep the beer flowing. Our next creation was a delicious pale ale. We affectionately named it “Thanks, Chuck,” in honor of the Chuck.

Tony and Darrin - MyBeerCo -
Wrapping up for the day

Brewed with Love, Laughter, and a Side of Chaos! Our return to the brewing might not have been smooth sailing, but hey, where’s the fun in that? “The F-Bomb Pepper Popper: and “Thanks, Chuck” are testament to our undying passion for crafting unique and unforgettable brews, no matter the obstacles in our path. We hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to the resilience of our community of brewers who aren’t afraid to get a little experimental (and a lot adventurous). Cheers to the spicy, the eccentric, and the downright hilarious!

So, dear friends, let us know if you want come on down to our revitalized brewery (In Darrin and Amanda’s garage),

where laughter fills the air, and the beers flow freely. We’re back, we’re better than ever, and we can’t wait to share our chaotic brewing journey with each and every one of you. Remember, life is too short for boring beer. Let’s embrace the madness together, one pint at a time! #HandCraftedandCommunityDriven #MyPlace #MyPeople #MyRecipe #MyBeerCo


Tony, Darrin, Chris and the MyBeer Company Crew


  • Jon K

    June 29, 2023 at 12:52 pm

    🍻I always find out when you’re brewing when it gets posted to social media!


    • Tony Taylor

      June 29, 2023 at 12:54 pm

      You vacation with half the team. You would think they would keep you in the loop!


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