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Brewing is our life, beer is our water so don’t waste time drinking all kind of other things which won’t make your life better.

Tony and Cindi in Barcelona


If you are not having fun, then you aren't doing it right!

Entertainment and alcohol is Tony’s passion. Being in sales for ten years and cyber for the better part of thirty years, his understanding of the ideal customer is built-in. His dedication to making sure the MyBeer Company brand is complete comes with several years of delicately balancing the brew in the garage. If Tony is not on the stage thundering away on the bass guitar, he is usually found in the garage meticulously crafting the next great libation for the neighborhood to consume.


Darrin and Amanda


Brewmaster, bike lover and family man.


FounderChris Kotlarz

Jon Kotinek

FounderJon Kotinek

Jon is slowly learning the brewing trade, but he is mostly good for sampling the finished product, giving honest feedback, and writing the witty descriptions you’ll find on UnTappd. When he’s not lurking around the brewhouse looking for the next sample, Jon is at work advising outstanding college students, playing with his kids, or watching an Aggie game on the back porch with his wife. He should be out for a run.

Karl "Dingo" WIghaman

FounderKarl Wighaman

Founder of Digital Gramophone and DingoGold Records, Karl Wighaman aka. Dingo, has spent a lifetime in the Music Industry wearing many hats as a musician, stage hand, sound engineer, lighting director, promoter, band manager and producer. With his many travels, Dingo, has drank many brews in many lands and has a distinct taste for what makes a quality beer. Dingo’s business acumen and eye for performance will well position MyBeer Company beers for not only the Harry Keeble’s of the world but also for those that demand a good brew dog. If you visit the brewery and even if you don’t, Dingo will be Noah wherever MyBeer and entertainment are together.


FounderWalter Alexander

Making things happen kinda guy